Beautiful Beginnings – 3D/4D Maternity Ultrasounds (non-medical)

Introducing Peter Taaffe – Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasounds


Peter loves what he does. Being a Dad himself he understands the excitement of going through one of the biggest things if your life – becoming parents.


Pete is the head Sono Technician and loves working with the beautiful people that the business attracts. Pete has been specializing in bonding (non-medical) 3D/4D maternity ultrasounds since 2012. He is passionate about couples and their families having an amazing experience.


Pete has a very caring nature and is really considerate with Mums to be.
Pete is a very much a people person and therefore you will not only get amazing 3D images and 4D video clips, but you will also find his scans very enjoyable and lots of fun, especially when the whole family comes along.


Pete can show you the gender of your baby from 15wks. If you want to keep the gender a surprise that’s fine, he will just show you bubs face and other features.


3D/4D photos and videos of your bub moving around are just incredible and something that you will be able to keep forever.

To enquire or make a booking, contact Beautiful Beginnings by calling 0439 461 476